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Cooking our way through Gourmet, 1972: Mushroom Risotto

A while back,  I blogged about 1972.  Such a good year. 1972 brought us Exile on Main Street… …and Cabaret… …and me. Many interesting things going on in 1972. __________________________________________________________________ In my 1972 post I mentioned Gourmet Magazine.  Such a good magazine that … Continue reading

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1972, it was a very good year

On a classic film forum I used to frequent, members were once challenged to describe the years surrounding their birth using cultural and historical events.  I responded in this way: I was born in the year of the Watergate break-in … Continue reading

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Meditations on an Old Cookbook

I have this thing for history.  It fascinates me.  It fascinates many people, I have been happy to discover.  My love for history does not only focus on the big stuff.  I mean, World War II fascinates me.  But there … Continue reading

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