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The Gene of Discontent

My winter break felt like it was a bit of a dud.  That’s how I was feeling the other day as I faced preparing myself to return to work.  My husband was shortchanged out of any time off at all, save … Continue reading

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In defense of moms – salaried and otherwise

I read a very passionate blog today by a husband and father defending his wife against what he perceives as condescension from working mothers for her choice to stay at home with their child. The comments were as interesting as … Continue reading

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Slowing it all down

I’m a few days into my return to work after an enchanting vacation with my family.  This was like none other in that there was not much to do other than nothing.  Not much sight-seeing beyond this stunning scenery, no … Continue reading

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Last night I sucked at motherhood

My boy turns seven in a few weeks and he hates homework.  He also hates school.  He hates anything that resembles learning.  He doesn’t mind learning if it doesn’t feel like learning.  The knowledge has to sneak up on him.  … Continue reading

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Gentle parenting and a touch of bribery – The “Yes, Ma’am Jar”

I’m from New England.  We don’t say “sir” or “ma’am”.  We respect our elders, but those words were not part of our every day vernacular that I can recall.  When I moved to Florida as a teenager, I remember my stepmother’s mostly silent disapproval of my … Continue reading

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