Things I know I am supposed to like (but totally don’t)

When I was younger I lacked confidence and did not wish to distinguish myself by seeming to dislike things that were popular among my peers. As I grew older and mouthier I came to believe that those things which I feared might make me seem weird are really quirks, and quirky people are loveable and revered, and therefore I am loveable and revered.

To start with I’ll just throw this one out there: I hate camping.

Wow. That felt good. I’m going to say it again.

I hate camping.

I trace the source of this distaste directly to the large number of camping trips of my youth, when at the insistence of my stepfather every family trip was a camping trip. By family trip, I mean myself, my mother, and my stepfather. Just us. And by camping trip I mean us, in a tent, in sleeping bags, for a week, in the rapidly cooling early fall temperatures in the Northeastern United States and some parts of Canada.

I will not say that there were no magical moments. I recall very fondly the camping trip to Maine of my sixth grade year, when we canoed to our picturesque campsite and discovered very quickly that our site was the favored path of a large moose who came through at least once a day and made his way to the river’s edge, drank, and ambled back into the woods. Magical.

But every moose encounter or pleasant view is offset by multiple other encounters that are so much less magical. Waking up on a deflated air mattress, my sleeping bag saturated by a puddle of frigid water that had seeped into our tent, for instance. Being splattered in the eyes with insect repellant. Schlepping a bucket of cold water to the camp site and washing our pans and utensils by hand. Days without properly bathing. Horse flies in Canada flying away with pieces of my flesh.

Friends, I have earned the right to not like camping.

I’m also going to throw this one out there: I hate sports. I don’t understand the rules of most sports, I don’t get the stats, and I don’t understand die-hard sports fans who beat each other up. I do like the Saints and had a fabulous time at one of their games back in the fall, but I would attribute that to my love for the city of New Orleans. I do also enjoy the Olympics, although I’m sure I love the games more for the lessons in multiculturalism and world geography.

Here are a few other things which I am sure I am alone in hating:

Citizen Kane. I am a classic film fan of the most annoying type. I’ve seen more movies from the 1930’s than I have seen of new releases of the past ten years. I’ve spent a lot of time on classic film boards and I know the deal: I am supposed to love Citizen Kane and think that Orson Wells is a genius. Instead, I found the movie mediocre and Wells’ directing style leaves me cold – and believe me, I’ve tried a number of his movies.

Sake. I know that this is supposed to be a part of the sushi experience, the communal sharing of the little bottle of warmed sake with my dining companions. I can’t ever take more than a few tiny sips of this liquid which seems to me a concoction of rubbing alcohol and water. I’ll stick with my Kirin.

The Ramones. Ugly, talentless, and tone-deaf. Yep, I said it. I wouldn’t have said it to the crowd I ran with in high school, but I’m saying it now.

And now I ask you, friends, what do you hate that everyone else loves? Tell me. I promise – no judgment!

About Joyce

40-year-old university advisor, 10-years married with two small children, trying to do it all and have it all and still manage the occasional social interaction through the wonderful world of blogging.
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11 Responses to Things I know I am supposed to like (but totally don’t)

  1. So happy to see a post here today. Maybe I missed some but not sure, things have felt busy. I love camping, however I have never been camping that included big moose and large Canadian flies. We do lots of beach camping, the sand isn’t the best, but I love it. However I agree with you on the sake, HATE it but love sushi, never seen Citizens Kane so I have no opinion there, sports suck, except the ones my son’s play and I watch. Cause you know I love those boys of mine. I like the Ramones, don’t love um but like um. So We agree on some points here. I only wish I could hear you narrate your blogs cause I giggle a lot when I read your sarcasm.

    I most usualy hate the songs and music that gets awards at music award shows, often it’s music I can’t stand yet they are raking in the awards and hitting the top charts. So I don’t watch music award shows cause they make me mad.

  2. Joyce says:

    Seeing the moose was one of the neatest experiences of my life. He was so nonchalant about coming through our site and paid us no attention whatsoever. All of my favorite camping moments took place during that one trip. All the rest of my awful experiences took place on ALL of the other trips. Even my mother put her foot down and said no more camping.

    I’m with you on the music. I never ever thought the day would come that I would be so un-hip that I would announce that the music today just sounds like noise, but the music today just sounds like noise.

  3. Sofia says:

    I don’t blame you, camping is supposed to be fun but it’s uncomfortable. I once camped out in the Andes in Peru, I can tell you in a tent at -10 degrees celsius (14 farenheit) it was the coldest night ever!!!
    What do I hate? Maybe I’m in line with the previous comment. I play classical piano, so I usually can’t stand the most commercial music…

    • Joyce says:

      I’m with you on the music. I dig further and further back to find music that I like. When I was younger it was classic rock, now it’s jazz. I just can’t develop a taste for what passes for music now.

  4. I don’t like sushi. I mean it’s okay but people get so excited about it as if it’s a delicacy and I couldn’t care less.
    P.S. I ahve this blog memyselfandkids – you should check it out.

  5. Forrest says:

    I can’t agree with you about camping (I mean, glaciers, mountain goats, volcanoes, solitude … what’s not to love?) but I can join your team as far as sports go, and possibly music.

    Sports are weird. Someone at work was saying that I’m the type you’d expect to love sports. I go rock climbing as often as I can, even sport climbing. Ride a road bike up Mount Baker and Rainier, like in le tour de france. And so on. But sitting on the couch on a sunny day, watching other people play a game? No thanks. It’s weird that at some point (right after college?) what people mean by “I like sports” changes from playing them to watching them.

    Booze. Tomorrow morning I can either get up early and go snowshoeing on a ridge between two ice giants of the northern Cascades, or I can wake up hung over and have a boring day. Easy choice.

    The Ramones have a few iconic songs, but they’re almost as over-rated as Mozart.

    And on that note, Shakespeare. There, I said it.

    Wow, thanks for giving me the chance to get that off my chest!

    • Joyce says:

      I love to experience nature, just not by sleeping on the ground. Give me a cabin with a shower, a bed, and a door and I’m happy to hike and swim and sniff the fresh air all day.

      I’ll have a drink every now and then, but it takes very little to make me hung over these days. I look at it as a choice like you do…spend the day engaged with my children or taking care of life…or laid up on the couch? Not a hard decision!

      Shakespeare…I like his works, but there is a certain level of decoding you are doing, like constantly, when reading his stuff. It gets exhausting. I was once working with an exchange student from England and I suggested taking a class on Shakespeare as an elective. He all but recoiled at the suggestion. Said he had to study A LOT of it in school didn’t want to ever again! Imagine your torture if you were schooled in England!

      Thanks for coming by!

  6. fatherhoodisagift says:

    Thanks for the laugh… I really enjoyed reading this. For me I would have to say that I cannot think of anything offhand that I really hate, but I am sure it will come to me and you will be the first to know 🙂

    • Joyce says:

      Thank you! And if you can’t think of anything you hate, please join me in hating the Ramones.

      Also, thank you for reading even when I haven’t been exactly writing very frequently. I’ve been plotting my return and it is a great feeling to know that I might have an audience.

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