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Middle-aged motherhood – the pros and the cons

I have for several years suspected it, and only recently confirmed it: I am middle-aged. This is a somewhat fluid term used to define the midpoint(ish) period of a person’s life based on life expectancy. I am 41 years old, … Continue reading

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In defense of moms – salaried and otherwise

I read a very passionate blog today by a husband and father defending his wife against what he perceives as condescension from working mothers for her choice to stay at home with their child. The comments were as interesting as … Continue reading

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On not blinking

My daughter turned three this summer and her final coup d’etat as a two-year-old was to refuse to ever willingly take another nap.  I say willingly because there are those naps that come upon her like a stealth ninja any time we … Continue reading

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Squeezing the last drops from summer

On Sunday our children were bored to death after watching their parents toil the day away on yard work.  They scarcely knew what to do with themselves – I mean, joining us outside might have been too much to ask … Continue reading

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