Slowing it all down

lake martin

I’m a few days into my return to work after an enchanting vacation with my family.  This was like none other in that there was not much to do other than nothing.  Not much sight-seeing beyond this stunning scenery, no touring, no itinerary.  Just the garden-variety, outdoorsy activities that everyone should stop and do with their children, a little swimming, splashing, and nature-walking.  Sleeping until my body woke me up rather than an alarm clock.  Eating a good dinner followed by dessert every night.  Playing board games and  having laughs.  Finishing the first book I’ve read in three years.

And now here I sit at work, plowing my way through about 350 emails, and yet, I am oddly calm.  I wake up early and rested and eager to come to  work.  I take time with my students.  I’m quick to laugh with my children.  This trip slowed everything down.  How long will this last?

To take this vacation and carry a piece of it with me for as long as I can, that is the trick.


About Joyce

40-year-old university advisor, 10-years married with two small children, trying to do it all and have it all and still manage the occasional social interaction through the wonderful world of blogging.
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13 Responses to Slowing it all down

  1. Beautiful shot – enchanting is the right word.
    It sounds like a great vacation that brought you to great place mentally. Where was the actual destination?

    • Joyce says:

      Middle-of-Nowhere, Alabama 🙂 We were in a lake house on Lake Martin, with my husband’s parents, his siblings, and their families.

      • Well, it seems like it was the perfect location for you.
        I hope having the family around added to the joy. Speaking from my own vacation experience, it is nice to have extended family there though at times a bit much.

  2. That sounds lovely! Glad you were able to relax

  3. mummyshymz says:

    It’s great to be able to take a break.

  4. Sheryl says:

    Your vacation sounds absolutely wonderful!

  5. Valerie says:

    Slowing down is a very good thing! 😀 Glad you enjoyed yourself so much. And why do I always forget how fun board games are until we’re playing one again?! 😉

    • Joyce says:

      It was great. We played sequence, which is a fun game, except that my partner was my mother-in-law, who is SO competitive that she got made at me for not winning more often. She’s a shark, I tell you. 🙂

  6. Sofia says:

    Everything in your first paragraph sounds wonderful. I´m glad you had a lovely time. I hope you stay in the same mode as in the 2nd paragraph for a long while still..

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