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Casting a wide net? That’s what I won’t be doing.

The Daily Post recently suggested utilizing social media to draw in more readers. I’m not doing that. Here’s the problem with my Facebook friends:  They know me. Crazy, isn’t it?  But see, I’ve tried that before.  Or actually,  I didn’t … Continue reading

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Cooking our way through Gourmet, 1972: Mushroom Risotto

A while back,  I blogged about 1972.  Such a good year. 1972 brought us Exile on Main Street… …and Cabaret… …and me. Many interesting things going on in 1972. __________________________________________________________________ In my 1972 post I mentioned Gourmet Magazine.  Such a good magazine that … Continue reading

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A Month of Mardi Gras Cooking: Let There Be Etouffee

My kitchen has been cranking out Cajun and Creole fare for several weeks, much to my husband’s delight, and I wanted to share some of these treats with you all. Let’s talk about crawfish, or mudbugs, as they are affectionately … Continue reading

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Into Obscurity: Eskew Reeder

Those who have been with me for a bit may have noticed that some of my best writing comes when I take to my keyboard and obsess over historical minutiae. I mean, I consider it my best writing, but that … Continue reading

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From the sidelines, and into the fight

In the early 90’s, I dated a man who was a bit older than I was.  By about a decade.  He was a good guy.  He had been in the Marines, lived overseas, been married, had some children, and been divorced.  … Continue reading

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Gentle parenting and a touch of bribery – The “Yes, Ma’am Jar”

I’m from New England.  We don’t say “sir” or “ma’am”.  We respect our elders, but those words were not part of our every day vernacular that I can recall.  When I moved to Florida as a teenager, I remember my stepmother’s mostly silent disapproval of my … Continue reading

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Don’t blink, or you might miss this recipe

…because it’s fast. So fast.  Also, easy and inexpensive.  The trifecta. Here are your ingredients: a package of Italian sausage a box of rotini 2 jars of sun-dried tomato pesto 1/2 to one cup of grated parmeason cheese olive oil I … Continue reading

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