So this is me

This might floor you, but I don’t actually look like Ava Gardner.

I’ve had her as my profile picture since I started my blog a few weeks ago.  But remarkably, she is not me, lest you get us confused.

In reality I am a 40-year-old married mother of two small children, carrying extra weight, fine lines, and tired eyes.  I am shedding pounds and doing my best to rediscover a vibrancy that I unwittingly let go of some years back, while at the same time acknowledging the fact that I will never again be 20-something.

I had a bit of good luck with my hair the other day, my makeup went on just right and with my new top, everything seemed to come together for my appearance that day.  I gave my husband my phone and ordered him to take my picture.  So this is me.  I’m no Ava Gardner, but on some days, I can accept that.


About Joyce

40-year-old university advisor, 10-years married with two small children, trying to do it all and have it all and still manage the occasional social interaction through the wonderful world of blogging.
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