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Antipasto to go

One advantage to having had a full-blooded Italian step-father was exposure to his full-blooded Italian cooking.  In Tony’s family, men cooked many holiday meals, children drank watered-down wine, and holidays were spent mostly in the dining room, slowly consuming course after course. Tony’s antipasto … Continue reading

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Meditations on an Old Cookbook

I have this thing for history.  It fascinates me.  It fascinates many people, I have been happy to discover.  My love for history does not only focus on the big stuff.  I mean, World War II fascinates me.  But there … Continue reading

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So this is me

This might floor you, but I don’t actually look like Ava Gardner. I’ve had her as my profile picture since I started my blog a few weeks ago.  But remarkably, she is not me, lest you get us confused. In … Continue reading

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The things I miss about me

A few years back I befriended a young colleague.  Newly married and contemplating parenthood, she shared with me a blog that she had written about a few mothers she knew, including me.  I, she asserted, was the one who did not let … Continue reading

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